Taste Testing Jerky Direct’s Sriracha Beef Jerky

Gary Estep Headshot

I was outside tending to the garden…stopped for a break…walked in the house…walked by Karen’s desk and noticed a thick manila envelope.

“What’s this”, I said as I picked it up to see for my self.

“Oh it’s the mail. I haven’t had a chance to put yours in your office yet” Karen replied.

“Its my Jerky Direct order!” I exclaimed as I ripped it open like a child opening presents on Christmas morning, simultaneously walking toward her seated at the dinning room table.

Stopping directly across the table from her I said “We got Jerky…Look four different flavors!”

“Oh yea, what flavors?” Karen asked.

“Lets see…we got Original” I replied while placing it on the table in front of her.

Immediately pulling my hand back toward me I grabbed another bag and said “We’ve got Teriyaki” as I placed it next to the Original bag, making sure their edges didn’t touch.

With the rhythm of laying cards out for a game of solitaire, I placed the third bag down and said “Mesquite Smoked.”

Then grabbing the last bag, with my dealing hand, I said “And last but not least we have Sriracha…Now we gotta taste test’em.”

Karen said “well I do not like Sriracha so why don’t you take that one and try it now and could we try the others later?”

My first thought was “Its either now or never for you girl.” Then my second thought was the equation I’ve been in the process of solving over the past 27 years: “Happy Wife = Happy Life.”

I said “OK Dear, I’m gonna get me some iced tea to go with it.”

Then I grabbed my bag of sriracha jerky, grabbed my drink, went to my office, sat down at my desk and cut open the vacuum sealed bag.

Looking into the bag at the large single slice of beef was appealing. The color, the texture, the grain in the meat was all causing anticipation to build.

Reaching into the bag I grabbed the piece of steak-like jerky with the thumb and forefinger of my right hand.

While holding the beef steady with the corresponding fingers on my left hand I was able to easily tear off a bite-sized piece of meat.

Without hesitation I put it in my mouth and began chewing. Immediately confirming what my eyes and fingers were telling me “This is a Good Cut of Meat!”

Continuing to test the savory treat I thought…”Tender and chewy and the burst of flavor is amazing!”. “Spicy, with a hint of hotness from the Sriracha Sauce but not too hot.”

Two thumbs up for Jerky Direct’s Sriracha Beef Jerky. It’s a keeper!