The Youngevity Order


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We pulled in the driveway around 6 PM on Tuesday October 18, 2016.

Youngevity Logo“I hope the Youngevity order came today, because I’m out of 90 For Life” Dominic said.

“I think it’s probably here. Being on auto shipping has made processing our order much more streamlined.” I replied.

We got out of the truck, grabbed hold of our gear and headed for the house.

Dominic led the way through the front door.

Immediately upon entering the living room, I noticed a package setting on the sofa. Stepping closer, I was able to read the name Youngevity printed on the side of the box.

“We got it Dominic!” I exclaimed.

“Good” Dominic replied.

“I’ll open it after I put my stuff away” I said as I walked into the dinning room.

While placing my lunch box and thermoses on the table, I looked over at Karen, busy in the kitchen, and said “Hi Dear, how was your day today?”

Before having a chance to reply Dominic, who was in the process of putting his things away, said “Hi Buck”

We all laughed out loud as Karen made her way to the dinning room table, sat down and said “I had an interesting day…How was yours Dear?”

I reached across the table and grabbed my bottle of Ultimate EFA Plus…Took off the cap…Took one softgel out of the bottle and placed it in my mouth…Put the cap back on the bottle and placed it back at it’s spot.

Then I grabbed my cold drink thermos and took a swig of water while swallowing the Ultimate EFA Plus softgel.

Ultimate EFA PlusLooking at Karen I said “We were real busy today, ran a lot of hard maple. My lunch was great! Really liked that Soup…delicious!”
GOFoods Premium - Baked Potato Cheese Soup

Karen smiled and said “You like everything Gary. I could give you cheese sandwiches in your lunch everyday and you would say: My lunch was great! Really liked those cheese sandwiches…delicious!

I replied and said “Cheese sandwiches are like Mothers milk to me Karen”

CheeseKaren laughed and said “I took your Mom to the store today…She’s a trip. She said she can’t understand how come the store keeps running out of chicken. I gave her a turkey from the freezer. She said she’ll cook it for Thanksgiving. It’s the last one…I’ll be watching for them to go on sale so we can stock back up.”

“Terrific…Turkey’s one of my favorites!” I said as I placed my cleaned out lunchbox on top of the dryer.

Karen said “Just put your thermoses on the kitchen counter. I’ll wash those out in a little while. How’s that new thermos working out by the way?”

“I really like it” I replied “Keeps my coffee hot all day long. Ol’ Stanley makes a nice thermos. Let’s see what’s in the box.”

Hot Coffee Being Poured in CupI walked over to the sofa, picked up the Youngevity order and took it back to the dinning room where I placed it on the table.

Digging into my trousers I retrieved a pocket knife and exposed one of the blades; allowing me to make quick work of opening the tape-sealed cardboard box.

Once inside the box, I pulled out all of the air filled packaging pillows and simply deflated them with my pocket knife. I then discarded them into the recycling bin.

Then I pulled the pick list from the box and unfolded it. Reading down the list I confirmed all auto ship ordered products and prices were correctly printed.

Looking back down inside the box I could clearly see the orange lid of Dominic’s Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 Citrus Peach Fusion.

I pulled it out and walked it to his room.

Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0“Here you go Dom” I said as I reached it out to him.

“Thank you!” He said, with a hint of excitement in his voice

“How much does a container of Beyond Osteo-fx Powder cost?” Dominic asked curiously.

Beyond Osteo-fx Powder“42 dollars” I replied

“When I get the money, will you order me one?” Dominic asked.

“I sure will” I replied.

“Thanks again” Dominic said

“You’re welcome” I replied as I headed back to the Youngevity order.

Reaching down in the box again, I grabbed hold of a Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0. This is my #1 health and wellness product. It delivers the core group of 90 essential nutrients I want to give to my body. I consume these products daily and am thrilled with the results.

Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0 and Peaches

As I walked to the storage shelf, I prayed to God saying “Thank You Lord for revealing these products to me. It is amazing the way my body responds when given good nutrition. I’m thinking of your Word that says: And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. I’m thinking that many of the same elements found in that dust is found in these products. Maybe that is why my body responds so well to them. Please show me if I am wrong. I desire to know the truth.”

God said to me “Write about it Gary…Be a difference maker.”

Then I thought about a song I enjoy listening to…

Continuing my conversation with God I said “Thank You Lord for Doctor Joel Wallach. I ask that you continue to bless him with good health and please protect him from any that would do him harm. I admire his passion for knowledge, for his commitment to help others and for his steadfastness toward understanding the benefits of good nutrition in our lives. He truly is a difference maker”

God said to me “Write about it …You be a difference maker Gary.”

Then I thought about a live presentation by Dr. Wallach called Dead Doctors Don’t Lie

After placing the three items from the Healthy Body Start Pack on the shelf, I headed back to the Youngevity order.

Upon arriving back at the dinning room I prayed “Lord, as you know the remaining products are for my mom. She has been taking oral prescription diabetes medicine for sometime now. Most recently her blood glucose levels are remaining high. I fear the doctor will soon tell her she needs to star taking shots of insulin.

I tend to believe faith and nutrition is the best course for my mother to take. I desire for the quality of her life to improve. I would like to give her this Healthy Body Blood Sugar Pak™ 2.0. Please direct my path and help me to present this gift to my Mom in the right spirit. Please speak to my Mom and work in her life in such a way that her relationship with You will improve along with her health. Thank You for loving us. In Jesus name I pray, Amen”

Healthy Body Blood Sugar Pak 2.0


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