Take a Trip Through History and Into the Future

Walid Shoebat takes us on a trip through history and into the future during an amazing Bible study at Calvary Chapel. Pay close attention to this excellent Bible teacher. Get your Bible out..let’s study!

Watch the video and discover truths like:

    • The Middle Eastern view of scripture is sometimes different than West
    • The wealth of the scriptures is so rich
    • A Christian should not feel good all the time
    • Life can not continue unless an innocent dies
    • God thinks in reverse of the world
    • From the world’s perspective the gospel message doesn’t make any sense
    • If we whole heartily ask God to teach us, and we read and study the Bible, we will start to make sense of everything around us
    • We all do not worship the same God
    • There are striking parallels between Satan and Islam’s Mahdi (savior)
    • What the Bible says about Islam
    • How Muslims become Christians
    • How to have peace with Islam
    • There’s no God like Jehovah
    • Jesus is not a teddy bear…He’s a Grizzly Bear!
    • Every battle in the Bible, that Christ is personally participating in, is against a Muslim country
    • And so much more