Full Show – GOP Establishment Hates Trump More Than MSNBC – 07/14/17

You’re gonna be so proud of your country if I get in.
Your gonna  be so proud of your president, and I don’t care about that.
But you are going to be so proud of your country!
We’re gonna turn it around and we’re gonna start winning again.
We’re gonna win so much.
We’re gonna win at every level.
We’re gonna win economically.
We’re gonna win with the economy.
We’re gonna win with the military.
We’re gonna win with health care and for our veterans.
We’re gonna win with every single facet.
We’re gonna win so much, you may even get tired of winning!
And you’ll say, please please it’s to much winning we can’t take it anymore…
Mr President it’s to much.
And I’ll say no it isn’t we have to keep winning…we have to win more!
We’re gonna keep winning, because we’re gonna make America great again!
I love you!

Donald Trump
April 11, 2016


David Knight, Alex Jones, and others host this broadcase as CNN and other establishment outlets are living in a bubble with their constant Trump attacks only the media cares about. They also look into the Hawaiian judge trying to block the Trump travel ban despite its complete constitutionality – and the fact former President Obama enacted a similar ban. Infowars correspondent Lee Ann McAdoo covers media