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Hi, I am Gary Estep, Welcome to my About Page!

I was born in Baltimore, Maryland USA Blue Crab on October 1, 1959. I resided there for 55 years, during which time I received the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour, met and married my sweetheart Karen and together we raised our 3 children.

Well, it didn’t stop there…we now have 4 grandchildren. Turn about is fair play. Laugh Out Loud


Most recently Karen and I have left the city life for country living in the great state of West Virginia USA. It’s a different lifestyle in many ways and I’m enjoying every moment.



I love my God. I love my Family. I love my Country.

  • I enjoy Being Part of Gods Creation
  • I enjoy Salvation
  • I enjoy Truth
  • I enjoy Wisdom
  • I enjoy Good Instruction
  • I enjoy Learning
  • I enjoy Unity
  • I enjoy Fellowship
  • I enjoy Giving
  • I enjoy Diversity
  • I enjoy Uniqueness
  • I enjoy Quality
  • I enjoy Value
  • I enjoy Work
  • I enjoy Rest
  • I enjoy Growth
  • I enjoy Building Things
  • I enjoy Gardening
  • I enjoy Fishing
  • I enjoy Preparedness
  • I enjoy Food
  • I enjoy Laughing
  • I enjoy Music
  • I enjoy Health and Wellness
  • I enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Thanks for visiting, you’re welcome to stay as long as you like and be sure to visit often!

Gary Estep

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