Proton Mail

Proton Mail is a secure email that protects your privacy. Keep your conversations private. Proton Mail is an encrypted email service based in Switzerland.

Proton Mail is a private email service that uses open source, independently audited end-to-end encryption and zero-access encryption to secure your communications.

This protects against data breaches and ensures no one (not even Proton) can access your inbox. Only you can read your messages.

Everyone has the right to privacy, which is why we make Proton Mail available for free. You can upgrade to a paid account to access more features and support our fight for a better internet.

Proton Mail is an encrypted email service that respects privacy and puts people (not advertisers) first. Your data belongs to you, and our encryption ensures that.

Proton is incorporated and headquartered in Switzerland. This means all your data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws and Swiss neutrality.

Your inbox, your way

Personalize your inbox and get through your messages faster.

Switch to Proton in one click

Moving your existing emails, contacts, and calendars to your new secure inbox is easy. Our Easy Switch tool handles it all in a single click.

Find anything with advanced search

Search the full contents of your emails to find the one you’re looking for. It all happens on your device, and your data is always encrypted.

Quickly unsubscribe from newsletters

Keep your encrypted inbox clutter-free and remove yourself from mailing lists with one click.

Work faster with keyboard shortcuts

Designed to be intuitive, our optimized keyboard shortcuts help you get things done faster.

Use your favorite email client

With Proton Mail Bridge, you can use desktop clients via IMAP/SMTP like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird while benefiting from Proton Mail’s end-to-end encryption.

Proton Mail is trusted by tens of millions of people worldwide to keep their communications private.

Choose an email that is secure and private by default.

Intuitive and free

Our free email has a simple, user-friendly design, which makes it easy to read, organize, and write emails. Providing free encrypted email means everyone can control what happens to their data.

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