Drive thousands of visitors to your website.

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Unique Platform

Find buyers while you build a responsive email list … we provide you with the marketing platform to do it effortlessly!

Global Audience

Gain access to 4 powerful marketing streams, allowing you to reach out to potentially millions of people.

Customer Engagement

Join a community of entrepreneurs and chat with them in real-time, all while generating leads and marketing your website or offers.

Your customers are waiting!

Drive more traffic. Generate more leads. Make more money. It’s as simple as that!

It’s time to supercharge your marketing and it’s all just a click away!

Exciting Team Competitions

Join a team and compete with other teams for huge traffic rewards. What an exciting way to earn traffic!

Individual Member Competitions

Compete directly with other members for big rewards. Every week is a brand new competition … so get in there!

Live Team Chat

With our LIVE team chat, members can chat directly with their team while earning traffic rewards and competing to win BIG!

Reach Out to Millions

With our powerful splash page network, you can get traffic from outside of the trafficera network – anywhere in the world, actually!

It’s All About Connections

Immerse yourself in a thriving community of entrepreneurs, and immediately start connecting with others from around the world.

4 Powerful Marketing Streams

From our expanding splash page network, to our unique traffic generation platform, integrated banner network, and social backbone … trafficera delivers!

Still not convinced? Ask yourself these questions …

  • Do you want more traffic? With our powerful surfing network, and expanded splash page network, we can put your webpages in front of potentially millions of people!
  • Do you want more leads? Trafficera can send tons of traffic directly to your squeeze pages where you can effortlessly collect new leads all day long.
  • Do you want more buyers? You need a lot of exposure to find the buyers out there. Trafficera gives you access to FOUR powerful marketing streams that will generate the exposure you need.

The trafficera Network

Start Sending Traffic to Your Website Today!


Imagine being able to tap into an rapidly increasing network of people just like you. Imagine connecting with people from all over the world that share similar interests and goals to yourself. Imagine creating valuable contacts with internet marketers worldwide. Well, you don’t need to imagine, because with trafficera you can actually experience all of this and way more!

Trafficera is really unlike any other traffic exchange, and in fact, it goes way beyond a traffic exchange to provide several other features and services that truly make it an essential tool for anyone that is looking to increase their success online.

Trafficera can actually provide you with 4 separate advertising streams, allowing you to reach out to millions of potential customers from all over the world. And the best part, is that you can actually tap into anyone online, even if they are not a member of trafficera! This goes way beyond what any other single program can do.

Yes, we said 4 separate advertising streams!

  1. The first stream is our surfing platform that rewards members of the network for viewing your website(s) … and of course, you will earn traffic rewards for viewing theirs.
  2. The second advertising stream is our unique splash page network. Through this network, you can promote splash pages to millions of other people surfing around the internet, even if they are not a member of trafficera. You can even build your very own splash pages using our splash page builder.
  3. The third advertising stream is through our independent banner network that can further extend your reach even more.
  4. The fourth stream, and perhaps the most important of all, is the social network that trafficera is built on. Through our highly sophisticated social networking platform, internet marketers from all over the world can get together and share relevant information with each other, all the while earning the necessary traffic to their websites. The contacts that you form as a member of traffiera will become one of the most valuable assets you have as an internet marketer. You truly will be part of an ever-expanding community of like-minded individuals.

Why not sign up for your free account and see for yourself exactly what trafficera has to offer. The “time to connect” is right now.

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